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When you take the merit, you pick a skill and gain 2 benefits towards this skill. A 9/again, and a bonus to sustained rolls. Both of these require the support of your group, which means, they need to actively be a part of what you are doing. The aspect of the merit referring to attending meetings on a regular basis is a way of maintaining that membership in the clique, and each group will have its own peculiarities as to what that entails. Going to meetings does not, however, enable you to gain these benefits in situations that do not also involve members of your group.

Example: Every month the True Crime Stories group gathers to discuss an unsolved case. There are 6 people that are considered a part of this hobby. A week or so after their last meeting, 1 of the members is involved in a house robbery. Alone, she tries to call on her hobby's knowledge, but can't quite remember some of the details. She calls up some of the group and 2 or 3 of them come over, and manage to help out, giving her the benefit of a 9/again on their Clique's skill, Investigation. They bring the gathered info to their next meeting and put the effort of any who show up into a thorough investigation of the evidence.