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General Game Policies:

Safe Haven Harbor is a game that is designed to be played for enjoyment. It is a game that is intended to be enjoyed by a number of people, in a cooperative fashion. And it is a game where the mechanics of the books and the house rules are meant to support telling stories. If you are not enjoying any aspect of this game then the best thing that you can do is not play. We will do our best to work cooperatively with you to help fix what might be the issue, but we recognize that not everything is fixable and if it’s not fun then we encourage you to find something that is.

Golden Rule:

On this game, we abide by what is known as Wheaton’s Law of online gaming. Don’t be a dick. All of us are here for the same purpose, to enjoy this game. And this is a game about monsters and dark themes, and there are undoubtedly going to be aggressive and unpleasant PCs on the game - but those are IC. Out of character aggression will not be tolerated and repeated rudeness or disrespectfulness will result in a player being invited to leave the game. More information can be found on this under our Gaming Behavior file.

Regarding Consent:

This is a non-consent game, for the most part. However, if at any time you are uncomfortable with a scene that is being played out it is your right as a player on the game to request for the scene to turn into a “Fade to Black”. This means that whatever was to happen will still take place, it just will not be roleplayed out, and the consequences of the events of the scene will still exist.


This is a game of adults, by adults, for adults. No PCs will be allowed under the apparent or actual age of 18. This includes not only physical age, but also emotional or mental age. This is a game of survival, characters who are exceedingly naive or immature would not fare very well. Played by models must also be at least 18 years of age and appear that way too. Finally, because of the sexual tones in the World of Darkness, players agree that they are at least 18 years old.


This is a story driven game. A story requires interesting and well-thought-out characters. We will do our best to support creativity in regards to the creation and playing of your characters, but it may happen that we cannot approve a character concept. Under most circumstances this may be because we do not believe that the character concept is one that would be appropriate to the world setting and game theme. And in such circumstances we will do our best to come up with a workable character concept.


We will support the following character templates: Changeling, Fae-Touched, Geist, Immortals, Mage, Proximus, Psychic, Thaumaturge, Werewolf and Wolfblooded. In this world there are no such thing as “vanilla mortals”, all mortals are Sleepwalkers. Concepts of Changing Breeds, Hunters, Possessed or Vampires either do not exist or are strictly NPC antagonists.


Staff name theme are “words associated with an Apocalypse”.

Staff structure on Safe Haven Habor is 2 tier. There is Headstaff, who provide oversight and management to the whole game, and there is Staff, who provide more direct player support in applications, +notes, story assistance and things of that nature. These tiers work together cooperatively within their respective tier and with one another to provide staff support for the game. There are no sphere-staff, all staff are encouraged to work together. We recognize that different individuals have different strengths when it comes to all of the splats that fall into the World of Darkness system, but that doesn’t mean that each individual doesn’t have broader knowledge and this cooperative staffing approach will help create an environment where cross-sphere RP is encouraged and supported.


We believe in open access. Toward that end, we share most of our local content. This file includes our copyright and licensing information.


NPCs exist to provide background, texture, and a growth structure for each sphere and within each PC’s individual story. There will be several on this game. NPCs are not PCs with an N in front. They are props to further a story. If the NPC is one that will be in existence on the game for a while, the creator of the NPC should have a character page for that NPC. Players are not permitted to have an NPC do things or behave in ways that are inconsistent with the story that has been established by the storyteller creators of the NPC without first speaking to the storytellers or staff for approval.