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Characters who are, as part of their background, originally from the reality where Safe Haven Harbor is set are referred to as Reality Natives. These characters will begin the game at Chargen-level stats, per our application process, with the following beginning bonuses:

Reality Native Bonuses

Merit bonus

The player can pick up to 4 points of merits, selecting from this list of merits, ignoring the pre-requisites normally associated with the merits & simply possessing the merit points “for free”:

  • Natural Immunity – 1 point (WoD page 113)
  • Tolerance for Biology – 1 point (GMC page 164)
  • Fence – 1 or 3 point (Banishers page 51)
  • Combatant – 2 point (Armory Reloaded page 181)
  • Iron Stomach – 2 point (WoD page 113)
  • Iron Stamina – 1-3 point (GMC page 165)
  • Outdoorsman – 2 point (Midnight Roads page 59)
  • Perfect Stillness – 1 point (Rites of Spring page 94)
  • Toxin Resistance – 2 point (WoD page 113)
  • Animal Retainer - 1-4 point (Per the HouseRule)

Hidden Room

Player can have the option to create a single room with a hidden exit somewhere on the grid, their own personal single-room “Safe Place” or bolt hole on the grid outside of their allowed # of Rooms. Natives will receive +1 allowed rooms on the grid to the number allowed by build staff.

Combat Hack: Unable to Attack

For the “Natives” of the Safe Haven Harbor reality, the following Combat Hack will never apply, regardless of if they take the Combatant Merit or not (per Armory: Reloaded, page 159):

• Unable to Attack: When a character attempts to attack a helpless, unsuspecting or otherwise non-violent target, the player must first roll Resolve + Composure. Whenever a character attempts to shoot another person, the player makes the same roll. If the roll fails, the character cannot attack (but retains his Defense and may, in fact, choose to Dodge that turn). This hack does not apply to characters with the Combatant Merit. Rationale: Without training, attacking another person is often difficult. In a life or death situation, most people can defend themselves, but especially where firearms are concerned, untrained civilians are often loath to take lives. At the Storyteller’s discretion, this hack might only apply to characters whose Morality levels are above a certain level.

After spending 1.5 years surviving through the End of the World days and the time after, they have naturally adapted to the necessity to survive.