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Safe Haven Harbor is closed to transfers at this time.

Safe Haven Harbor is an offshoot game from the mu* called The Reach. The setting and timeline branches off of that game. As a result of this, we will be accepting transfer PC applications, for a very limited time, from characters who were approved PCs on this game. We will only be offering this for a limited time of three months from open, though this may be subject to change. These transfer PCs must also be characters that will fit into our accepted spheres (Changeling, Immortal, Geist, Mage, Mortal+ or Werewolf). In order to transfer a character from The Reach, the character will have had to have been a PC in play prior to September 15th, 2014. We will also not be accepting characters to transfer who are dead in The Reach's reality.

Please remember that outside of Mortal/Mortal+ characters, if you transfer you can not be a native to this universe. You are your Reach character and you are a new arrival to this universe - period. You will need to figure out your place in this new world.

Character Backgrounds

All characters who transfer to from The Reach to this game will be expected to have the same background that applied to their character on that game. That history still exists, in terms of this game the character was plucked from that reality and dropped into this one. It is encouraged that you add to your background at least a brief summary of the character's history on that game as that falls into the character's "background" prior to coming to Safe Haven Harbor. And there are Background Questions that you should also address, at least briefly.

Adding +Sheet to Your Job

When adding your +sheet to your chargen job, please go to this site:

Copy your sheet, then add it to the top box on the site. When you hit convert, you can then copy the information from the bottom box and paste it to your +job on SHH. It fixes it up so that it looks correct in the +job.

Character Stat Adjustments

Characters will be allowed to transfer in with the same stats that they had on the previous game, except where it comes to their Power stats and the associated Gifts, Arcana, Manifestations/Keys, Contracts or Numina. These things will be adjusted according to our game policy (More forthcoming on this.), XP will be returned to the PC, adjusted to fit the XP rate associated with the GMC system and will be spendable - according to our XP spending policy and requirements. Retainers will be permitted to be "brought along", what pulled the character from one reality to another is considered to have done the same to the retainer. Likewise with Familiars and other NPC companions of significance.

It should also be noted that certain other stats will no longer apply when it comes to these transfers:

  • Things associated with Family Status will be lost, though the player will be given an opportunity to purchase those stats to keep them for XP they transfer in - at the time of the transfer. (Families as they existed on The Reach are not recognized on this game, instead Families are treated as Mystery Cults and members of these specific groups have the option to purchase that merit and they will be treated as RP groups.
  • The Luxury Merit does not exist in this game.
  • Contacts and Allies that existed in the previous game do not exist as they were here. PCs will be permitted to work towards regaining these merits through the population on this game, but in this world your character is thought to be dead or missing - and it is very likely that the person who was your contact or ally is as well.
  • New Identity is useless on SHH and will be refunded. There's no chance of getting carded, no one is tracking drivers licenses and there are no banks.

Character Equipment or Inventory

  • Part of the application process will be to address the items your character has on him/her. Your character will arrive in this reality only with what they have on them. Weapons, electronics and other gear will be acceptable. If your character has an imbued item or relic that they keep on them at all times, that will be accepted. A vehicle will be considered. Your characters collectible car collection, their weapons cache that rivals a small army, their house, etc., those are things that will be lost to the character.

Mortal+ Characters

If you are transferring a character to this game who falls into the category of Mortal/Mortal+, you do have the option of making that character a "native of this reality" version. This will require a measure of figuring out what your character has been doing since the EotW occurred, how have they survived?

Mage Characters

Mage transfers, please refer to the sphere HR pertaining to transferring characters with a legacy: Reality Transfers and Legacies