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XP is awarded in two ways at Safe Haven Harbor. Every week, every player will earn 1 Beat, or 0.2 XP. You will never earn less than this, and you will get it regardless of whether you've logged in or not.

+vote <player>

You also have 30 votes to hand out every month. These do not require staff approval for the XP awarded, and are just handed out to people that you have played with. The vote tally resets on the first of every month, but you will still receive your XP weekly. Each +vote will award the receiver 0.2 XP. To prevent spamming the same person with all your votes, you cannot vote for the last four people you've +voted.

+vote/info will show you the last four you people who received votes and how many votes you have left.

+recc <player>=<reason>

There is also the recommendation system. These are for exemplary RP and should be awarded as such. You must include a reason why you're giving this person the extra recognition. The player will receive 0.5 XP, and the person giving it will receive 0.2 XP.

Yes, you can +recc staff members to show your appreciation for their work and their help! However, you will not receive XP for doing so.