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The theme of Safe Haven Harbor is Survival. Your character at the very basic level, be they a native of this reality or transferred over, must survive against what may seem to be the insurmountable odds of a world with a post-apocalyptic setting. Your character must survive not just personally, but on behalf of humanity and the people of the world who all share in this struggle.

There is also the question of survival of what came before the apocalypse, the ideas, the technology, all of the things of the "modern world" that are now on the verge of being lost.

And how will the societies of the supernatural survive in this new world, if there are only a few to teach and impart their knowledge? To what lengths will the Changelings, Geist, Mages and Werewolves of this world go to protect what they are and their own history? What steps will be taken for their survival?