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Learning Times:

Certain things will have a learning time (or cooldown time) associated with raising the stat, or have a limitation on the frequency that stats can be raised. You must have the necessary XP prior to submitting the XP request. You cannot have more than your PC's Intelligence+1 of XP spends submitted/being learned at the same once.

Please note that traits that state they have a learning/cooldown time of 1 week/2 weeks/1 month/etc -per dot- means that you multiply the learning/cooldown time by the level being purchased. So Joe Bob who wants to raise Larceny from 2 to 3 has a 1 week x 3 or 3 week learning time before he will receive his spend. Also, Sally Beast who wants to purchase the non-Affinity Contract Separation 3 to 4 has a 2 weeks x 4 or 8 week cooldown before she can purchase another contract.

Traits that can be raised once per season can be raised at any point during the season, and then will not be able to be raised again until the following season.

IMPORTANT: No power stat raises will be accepted until after March 20th, the start of the next season.


  • Allowed to raise each Attribute 1 dot per season (every 3 months)
  • No limitation on # of Attributes raised


  • Learn time equivalent to 1 week/dot being raised

Skill Specialty

  • 1 week

Power Stat

  • Allowed to raise 1 dot per season (every 3 months)

Gifts, Keystones, etc.

  • Allowed to raise 1 dot per week.

Siddhi & Numina

  • Purified are allowed to learn a total of 2 Numina and/or Siddhi at a time, and only one of the Siddhi can be going to 3.
  • Siddhi = 1 week/dot
  • Numina = 1 week


  • You cannot learn more than 2 Arcana at a time, and only one of them can be at 4 or 5.
  • Favored/Primary = 1 week/dot
  • Common/Secondary = 2 weeks/dot
  • Unfavored/Tertiary = 1 month/dot


  • Rotes require a lengthy explanation, so follow the link to the full page that covers information for Rotes & learn times.


  • You cannot have more than 2 Contracts on cooldown at a time, and only one of them can be at 4 or 5.
  • You cannot have two cooldowns for the same Contract at once. (Different elements for Elements/Communion or different animal types for Fang and Talon count as separate contracts for the purpose of this rule.)
  • Affinity = 1 week cooldown/dot
  • Non-Affinity = 2 weeks cooldown/dot
  • Goblin = No cooldown, must be learned via PrP or from another PC


  • These are an entirely separate category. Merits do not count towards "Int + 1" learning slots.
  • Players are permitted to purchase 12 dots of merits (total, in whatever combination that a player wishes to apply them) per season.
  • Consecutive increases in a merit with incremental value will have a 1 week "cooldown" for increasing the same merit at least rank.