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OL01 -- Museum Park


xxxxxWhat was once a tourist attracting amusement park sits within a small plain of sandy soil next to the old Museum district to the northeast. The forty acre area is completely surrounded by a tall chain link fence, overgrown with weeds and ivy and rusting in places, which is in turn surrounded by overgrown trees and abundant shrubs. Much of the ground within that fence has been covered by asphalt that is now broken and overgrown with weeds that have broken through the cracks. Several collapsed circus tents, and a variety of now broken and unused amusement park rides give the feel of this being a creepy place. Off of it's track, a Ferris wheel's cars occasionally creak in the wind and a number of children's rides, a carousel, and dozens of unattended shops form a circle of sorts around the central water rides that hold stagnant water and broken cars.
xxxxxTo the East, along the shoreline, the now worn down boardwalk still stands along the water. It's wooden pillars are aged gray by the air and the saltwater, providing a risky walkway towards the old tourist shops, local history and art museums and to the now overgrown park. This area is overgrown and there are no indications that any effort has been put towards repurposing, only scavenging.

Places of Note

  • Ruined Amusement Park

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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