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OL02 -- Fern


xxxxxThis was once a vital part of the island, an area once featured massive mansions and sprawling manicured lawns enclosed within high fences or vacation homes for those who considered this island a tourist destination as well as a large country club with its rolling grounds and groves of fruit trees. It no longer resembles that in large part to the overgrown state of trees, grasses, flower beds and shrubs and the areas of yard that have been repurposed with with gardens and some of the fruit trees have grown wild, numbering too many for those living here to tend to all of them while they maintain an effort to tending to some.
xxxxxThe ruins of collapsed houses or scorched remains of structures dot the overgrown folliage, but the largest structure in this area is the old country club where some work has been put into repairing damage to the structure and the roof, windows are covered with pastic sheeting and boards to give shelter to those who now use it as a home. And in the distance, at the Northern edge of the island, the ruins of the old amusement park are just visible through the tree tops.

Places of Note

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Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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