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OL04 -- Oceanview


xxxxxWhat was once the central spine of a much larger island, this area once featured massive mansions and sprawling manicured lawns enclosed within high fences or vacation homes for those who considered this island a tourist destination. It no longer resembles that in large part to the overgrown state of trees, grasses, flower beds and shrubs and the areas of yard that have been repurposed with a eye towards function and survival.
xxxxxMost of those fences have come down, or at least are broken to the point of no longer serving their intended purpose but they do afford some privacy between open plots of land that have been tilled up and turned into very practical gardens that fill in space between large structures and rocky outcroppings. One large field area has had a wooden fence built around it and serves to corral a large herd of horses that are also being tended to. Some of the homes have visible damage that has not been repaired, but windows are covered with boards and plastic sheeting that suggests that many of them still provide shelter to those who tend to the gardens and animals.
xxxxxTo the far East of this area of the island, what was once a private dock has been repurposed to serve as one of the ferry landings that shuttles people from here to the other half of Outlook with a small boat. To the North of that dock, another, larger pier has been built on where the larger ferry picks up people who want to travel to the mainland and Safe Haven.

Places of Note

  • Ferry

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Shadow / Hisil



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