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OL05 -- Grimm


xxxxxThe old boardwalk winds its way along the coast barely clinging to bare rock walls to the north while offering an unstable vista of stone pebble beaches, sandy dunes, grasses swaying in the near constant breeze and the barely visible shoreline of the mainland across the island to the south. Foot paths from the beach lead inland and occasionally join the boardwalk where geography allows, but there are signs that people may prefer to walk around the boardwalk more than on it.
xxxxxTo the Eastern edge of the beach there are visible ruins along the shore, the ruins of a massive ferry that looks as though it was crushed, on end, into the water just off of the ruins of the old Pier. Just off of the ruined pier a small memorial stands, piles of small picture frames, flowers, fades bits of paper and glass candle holders have been left beneath a small wooden shelter that seems to have been erected specifically to protect those items.

Places of Note

  • TBA

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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