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OL08 -- Spand District


xxxxxThe southern portion of this area once provided all manner of entertainment for those on the island, with movie theaters, a bowling ally, restaurants and quaint pubs, but there isn't a lot of entertainment being sought out these days. The structures through this area are sound, however, and a lot of them have been repurposed for housing and storage.
xxxxxThe northernmost part of the island raises high above the ocean to form a peninsula left to nature's own devices. Some of the largest old growth timber in the area thrives here, swaying softly in the ocean breeze though some of the trees stand at odd angles now. Shade is abundant, hiding lichen-covered stone and sand beneath the dense canopy overhead. To the north, east and west where the peninsula touches ocean waves, jagged stones and bare rock walls made slick with algae and constant salty spray play home to a stunning variety of birds.

Places of Note

  • Isle's End Pub
  • Old Point Marina

NPCs of Note

  • Caleb Gilles (Old Point Marina > Landace Dive and Salvage)
  • Jillian Cooper (Old Point Marina > Landace Dive and Salvage)

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



  • (2015.02.25)
Logs: Shepard Landace Comes Calling