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SH06 -- West Dogwood


xxxxxOnce alive with hesitantly flourishing plant and animal life, this area shows marks of Nature's devastation. Sapling and adolescent Tamarack larch and Pitch pine trees are bent and in some cases splintered as though errantly dropped by a gigantic child. Sodden patches of thick undergrowth and mired tree stumps crawl with snarled vines and thistles, making passage extremely hazardous. Patches of sandy soil dot the jagged rocks of the ground worn free of small debris and loose vegetation by past natural fury. What trails were once here have been scrubbed almost completely off of the landscape, their packed earth uprooted and in some cases simply washed away.
xxxxxOne or two substantial outcroppings of stone have been truncated by seismic and oceanic upheaval, their tips broken off to join the rocks lining the sea far below at the base of sheer cliffs. Where once fire pits and litter demonstrated humankind's intrusion into this feral area, these signs of human recreation have vanished as the wild has begun to reclaim itself. A narrow bridge lane that previously gave access to the southwest has been obliterated, the asphalt, steel, and concrete ending a few yards over the sea in a twist of metal and crumble of stone. A solid wooden barricade has been erected across the end of a now collapsed bridge to keep people from venturing out onto it.
xxxxxThere are still a few old homes through this region however, damaged but being used as shelters.

Places of Note

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Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



  • (2015.02.04)
Logs:The Alae Draconis Begins