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OCEAN -- Open Ocean


xxxxxAway from Bay Peninsula, the ocean opens up and leads toward Western and Eastern Outlook. But all around are smaller islands, some of them set up with civilization, while others are obviously empty. During the night, the flickering of fires can be seen, or the glow of lights from the islands lucky enough to have power from a generator.
xxxxxBoats bob gently in the water, waves lapping up against them, anchored out of the way of the ferry and the water taxis that run back and forth from the islands to the mainland.

Shadow / Hisil

xxxxxThe ocean itself is pretty barren. Looking out over the ocean in the Shadow is almost exactly like looking out over the ocean in the material realm, except that the water is nearly black. It's nearly impossible to see more than a foot below the surface. It is strongly advised that no one attempt to go below the surface. However, should anyone attempt it, water elementals swirl around below the surface. The ash and muck that has fallen from the skies thanks to the volcanic eruption to the west has settled to the bottom, but as the water gets deeper and deeper, the darkness becomes more of an inky blackness hiding whatever is there.
xxxxxThe Sea Queen's Brood


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