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““It occurred to me that there have always been selkie women: women who did not seem to belong to this world, because they did not fit into prevailing notions of what women were supposed to be. And if you did not fit into those notions, in some sense you weren't a woman. Weren't even quite human. The magical animal woman is, or can be, a metaphor for those sorts of women.” ”

– Theodora Goss


xxxxxA former captive of the Brackish King, Olivia Cranston is a pilot without a plane - or the fuel to fly it. But that doesn't seem to stop her from having a good time.

RP Hooks
  • She's one of the Lost, a Swimmerskin (selkie) Beast of the Spring Court.
  • Her former Keeper is the locally known Brackish King.
  • Aleswich native, but you probably won't recognize her unless you were present between 1920's-1940's.
  • She's a pilot without a plane...or fuel for that matter. Wanna help a girl out?
  • She's also a pretty handy mechanic.
  • She's dedicated to the conservation of the coastline.
  • She mainly makes her living selling fish and other seafood that she catches herself.

Born in 1923, Olivia Lane Cranston never knew her mother, who died giving birth to her. Her father and her older brother Lee raised her as best they could, supported by their small dockside air cargo business. Olivia grew up a bit of a tomboy until her father remarried when she was thirteen. Rather than her resent her stepmother Margo, Olivia loved her a great deal, and while she never outgrew wearing trousers and helping her father to fix his plane (and learning to fly!), she also learned how to use lipstick and wear heels and draw nylon lines down her legs.

When America went to war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Lee was one of the first local boys to sign up. Her father had no choice but to let her take over Lee's role as pilot while he was off fighting the Nazis. Olivia loved to fly, something of a daredevil who enjoyed taking risks. When her father was tempted to cancel a flight due to bad weather and risk an important contract (hard times, they needed the money!) Liv proceeded to take off without his permission.

She may never recall how she flew into the Hedge, or if somehow the Brackish King chose to emerge from it to take her. But the severe weather brought her plane down, coupled somehow with the magic of the aquatic Keeper. When he remade Olivia, he turned into a selkie; transforming her fully into a seal or a hybrid of woman and pinniped at his will. Time passed in Arcadia as it does, with Olivia (she barely remembered her own name) aging slowly. Almost 70 years had passed, with Olivia Cranston having been believed to be lost at sea.

Over time the Brackish King began to trust her to scout further and further out toward the Hedge. For many years she came as close to the Thorns as she dared, but fear always held her from committing to escape. When the world's foundations began to shake, she was further tempted to try and swim back to her world, but still she waited; torn between the world that was familiar and a world she could barely remember.

It took time. Her longing for familiar things, for the faces of a brother and a father and a (step) mother she could hardly remember, and to remember what it was like not just to be part of the earth, but the earth and the sky as well, became more than she could bear.

Olivia made her escape in mid-January of 2015, not realizing that so how much time had passed, nor understanding how much the world had changed. But she triumphed in one small but important thing - when she crawled into the land of mortals, she was certain of at least one thing: her name.


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Olivia Cranston
Date of Birth: 01 May 1923
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Occupation: Pilot/Conservationist
Virtue: We can do it!
Vice: Hey, sailor!

Seeming: Beast
Kith: Swimmerskin
Keeper: The Brackish King

Gabrielle Aplin - Start of Time

I'm an atom in a sea of nothing
Looking for another to combine
Maybe we could be the start of something
Be together at the start of time

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