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PRP Requests!

Submitting Standard PRP Requests:

PRPs: Use the following when submitting for PRP experience:
PRP Name:
  • Note: Incentives are listed by sphere on the right margin.


  • Rating should be 1-3
    • 1 is default;
    • 2 is "challenging";
    • 3 is "dangerous" or "serious possibility of death" (especially if someone actually died)
    • ... doesn't count if someone dying was the whole point of the scene...
    • ... staff retains the right to lower or raise the award based on reading the log.


  • Players is a list of the players in the scene; make sure to use the same names for them as their bits, for ease of awarding the XP.
    • ... make sure to list who the ST was...
    • ... and anyone who played an NPC but not their own PC, and which PC the XP for them should go to.
    • PLEASE do not use commas. this makes it much easier on staff! (e.g.: John Paul George Ringo)


  • Summary is a brief one or two sentence summary of what happened in the scene.


  • Log(s) is the link(s) to the log(s); please list them with line breaks.



  • +1 XP - For an open Changeling PRP +event with 5+ more participants.
  • +1 XP - For a court +event.
  • +1 XP for a PRP run in the Waking, as opposed to the Hedge.
+req/sphere Changeling/PRP Turn in:(name)=(info)

See the Changeling PRP rules Page! Here!


  • 0.5 - PRP relates to the sphere plot
  • 0.5 - PRP doesn't involving the ST's Krewemates.
    (only applicable if the Storyteller has a Sin-Eater and a Krewe.)
  • 0.5 - PRP involves those with fewer than 10 PRP logs.
  • 2 for having an IC Bargain scene.
  • 2 for having an IC Krewe Binding (only the first time per PC)
  • 1 for scene in which at least one ghost is sent to the Underworld.
  • Note on Ghosts in PRPs: If you are using a ghost in a PRP you are running please submit a note to:
+req/ephemeral Ghost PRP=(info)