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Peter Virgil Dumas
“The best we can do is ask ourselves this one simple question. W.W.D.D?” – Peter Virgil Dumas
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Pete has become one of the community leaders over the last year.

People look up to him, trust him and tell stories about the people he saved during the darkest days.

  • Date of Birth: 1990
  • Apparent Age: Early 20s
  • Occupation: Man of Action
  • Virtue: None.
  • Vice: All

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"Listen people, The Pete knows that we've faced stuff. Hard stuff. Stuff like make out spots falling into the ocean and houses getting squashed by giant bug things that were in that movie that I saw that one time with those one people in it. But we will get through this. Did The Pete give up when some douchewaffle tried to kill him and a true Bro stepped in front of the bullet and took one for The Pete and saved his life? No. No he did not. We won't let that sacrifice be in vain and we will take back our planet."

Points of Note About Pete:

  • Formerly a college intern in the Mayor's office, prior to the End of the World events.
  • Kind of a dick.
  • Life changing moment when he witnessed Dash Bertsch killed in front of him, early June 2013.
  • Completely convinced his former boss died protecting him from an assassination attempt. (No one else believes this.)
  • Adopted the life motto "What Would Dash Do?" and made a vow to only do what his hero would do.
  • Refers to himself as, "The Pete" in conversations.
  • Only survivor of the former city government.
  • Is said to have been caught scavenging the Landace family farm, looking for power suits that belonged to Dash Bertsch.
  • Is willing to trade political favors for beer.
  • Said to be dating Honey Rogers and claiming dibs on all the honey to make mead.
  • Refers to Honey Rogers as his Honey Badger.
  • Has been asked to stop referring to Honey Rogers as his Honey Badger, publicly, several times.
  • Has a movie reference for every single crazy thing he's witnessed since June 2013.
  • Is usually asked to stop making movie references.
  • In a terrible twist of irony after devoting himself to the recovery and safety of the city, someone stole his badger and ate it. It was a hard winter.
  • Believes in the power of rock.
  • Is rumored to have a tribal tattoo around his genitals.

Lexica Petorius:

  • Sloot: Almost any woman under the age of 40.
  • Bro: A stranger
  • Broheim: Perhaps the mythical realm of bros, where the slain are taken to feast, usually referenced as Dash Bertsch's "Great Reward".
  • Herbal Remedies: The Drugs

We are the Champions

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