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Regarding Ported Characters coming to SHH

Porting characters are no longer being accepted, but this page/information is remaining up for archival purposes.

It is possible to transfer existing characters from The Reach timeline (where EOTW was conclusively won) to the SHH Timeline (where there was no clear victory.) Transferred characters will be reduced in power by approximately 1/2. Please also look here: For More Info.

Please note, if your PC died on The Reach, the character will not be eligible to transfer to Safe Haven Harbor.

Basic Steps

  • Create your character name on the MUSH.
  • Go through Basic CG as a mortal. It is not super important to get the basic stats and skills exactly right, but fake it. You'll end up being hand-statted.
  • Make sure you include your entire old BG from the old character copy. You may want to add a section that reflects just what you were up to for EOTW/any contributions you made, and how you came to slip through a dimensional rift to the world of SHH.
  • Remember to set your Template at the end of Chargen before exiting.
  • Answer the following questions in another background section.

The Questions

  • What was your character's life in that other world? Share your background as it was on that game.
  • What does your character have with them when they arrive?
  • What role do you foresee your character taking on in this new world & how will they react to being thrust into it?
  • What do you believe happened to this world's version of your character?
  • Why did you come to Safe Haven Harbor OOC?
  • How did you hear about this game?
  • What sort of gameplay are you looking for, specifically is this the sort of character who will focus more on what is happening outside of the safe-zone, or inside of it?

Sphere Specific Info

  • Changeling Transfers: Your Wyrd, Mantle and Contracts will be halved when you transfer over. All Tokens and Hedgespun must be checked and re-approved. You'll need to answer the Changeling Breaking Point questions from here, and set three Aspirations for your character.
  • Special Case: If you are a Template not allowed on SHH but want to transfer as a Changeling, you will be allowed to have a Durance during transit between the dimensions. Begin by following the steps for a porting character: Create the name, go through CG and set basic stats, put your whole TR background on yourself and add as many sections as needed to document how you came across, who Took you, and what you have become. You'll need to go over Application and provide your Changeling Template and Breaking Point questions, as a Changeling. You are limited to Wyrd 1 and Mantle 1 initially, and must wait 3 Months before raising Wyrd. ALL Transfers who Become arrive under the Shaken Condition. List of Conditions here.