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GMC Professional Training

xxxxxThis Merit may be taken by any character. A character with Professional Training (Vagrant) 4 won't ever have much money, but he might be an expert at con games or know people who are willing to sell things for goods or services other than legal tender. NOTE: Professional Training does not equal Resources; the two are separate. At this time, we allow characters to take 1 Professional Training.

This is Professional training from the GMC Rule Book broken down by Points.

  • • Networking: At the first level of Professional Training, your character builds connections within her chosen field. Take two dots of Contacts relating to that field.
  • •• Continuing Education: With repeated efforts in her field of choice, your character tends toward greater successes. When making a roll with her Asset Skills, she benefits from the 9-again quality.
  • ••• Breadth of Knowledge: Due to advancement in her field, she’s picked up a number of particular bits of information and skill unique to her work. Choose a third Asset Skill and take two Specialties in your character’s Asset Skills.
  • •••• On the Job Training: With the resources at her disposal, your character has access to extensive educational tools and mentorship available. Take a Skill dot in an Asset Skill. Whenever you purchase a new Asset Skill dot, take a Beat.
  • ••••• The Routine: With such extensive experience in her field, her Asset Skills have been honed to a fine edge and she’s almost guaranteed at least a marginal success. Before rolling, spend a Willpower point to apply the rote action quality to an Asset Skill. This allows you to reroll all the failed dice on the first roll.

Note: XP discounts from level 4 will be honored in chargen. Free dots and specialties will also be allowed at Chargen.

Allies Blocking: Please note that when using Allies to block a player's Contacts, that Professional Contacts do not stack with regular Contacts for purposes of Defense. They are treated as 2 separate merits, and thus also cannot be attacked with the same action.

We are allowing the creation of custom professions, as stated on GMC p. 164

The new profession does need some sort of title for the position, but it can be anything you like that makes sense, and include any two base skills you like, with one limitation. For balance reasons, no profession can have both of its Asset Skills from the following list: Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, and Weaponry. You can have Crafts and Firearms but not Athletics and Firearms; you can have Survival and Weaponry but not Brawl and Weaponry. Of course, for the third asset skill you may select anything you like. This means any profession will have two combat skills at most.

Please set a +note on yourself if your Profession differs from those listed on the wiki. This note should include the 2 (or 3) skills the profession includes.

Example: +note me/Professional Training=My Profession is Acrobat, and it includes Athletics, Expression as its base skills. For my third skill I've chosen Medicine.

If it's something that requires a bit of explanation, please also include that explanation in the note.

Ask your App Staffer to check the note so that what you have training in can be approved and entered into the system and Wiki.

Profession List

Academic (Academics and Science) GMC p. 164

Artist (Crafts and Expression) GMC p. 164

Athlete (Medicine and Athletics) GMC p. 164

Anachronist (Academics and Crafts) Custom

Bard (Expression and Subterfuge) Custom

Boxer (Brawl and Intimidation) Custom

Cop (Firearms and Streetwise) GMC p. 164

Criminal (Larceny and Streetwise) GMC p. 164

Detective (Investigation and Empathy) GMC p. 164

Doctor (Medicine and Empathy) GMC p. 164

Engineer (Crafts and Science) GMC p. 164

Hacker (Computer and Science) GMC p. 164

Herbalist (Medicine and Crafts) Custom

Hit Man (Firearms and Stealth) GMC p. 164

Journalist (Investigation and Expression) GMC p. 164

Knight (Persuasion and Weaponry) Custom

Laborer (Crafts and Athletics) GMC p. 164

Lawyer (Academics and Subterfuge) Custom

New Age Healer (Medicine and Occult) Custom

Occultist (Investigation and Occult) GMC p. 164

Politician (Politics, Subterfuge) GMC p. 164

Professional (Academics and Persuasion) GMC p. 164

Religious Leader (Academics and Occult) GMC p. 164

Ritualist (Crafts and Occult) Custom

Salesman (Persuasion and Subterfuge) Blood Drive p. 7

Scientist (Investigation and Science) GMC p. 164

Socialite (Politics and Socialize) GMC p. 164

Soldier (Firearms and Survival) GMC p. 164

Stuntman (Athletics and Drive) GMC p. 164

Survivalist (Survival and Animal Ken) GMC p. 164

Technician (Crafts and Investigation) GMC p. 164

Thug (Brawl and Intimidation) GMC p. 164

Vagrant (Survival and Streetwise) GMC p. 164

Veterinarian (Science and Animal Ken) Custom