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SH01 -- The Northwest Shore


xxxxxThe cliffs are made up of brown rock that face out over the ocean that crashes up against the stone and beaches below. The remnants of larger homes can be seen in the area, although they've all fallen to disrepair and have been taken over by natural vegitation. From this spot, the fencing of the safety zone can no longer be seen and people rarely venture out this far, preferring to stay in safer areas that others inhabit.
xxxxxThe road is overgrown and entirely unpassable, large chunks of the asphalt completely missing so that large holes can be seen. The forest seems darker, the trees more foreboding than they might have been two years earlier. Anyone venturing out this far is on their own and at the mercy of Mother Nature and what creatures she may be hiding.

Places of Note

  • Fortified Campground
  • Ocean View Resorts

Claimed By

  • A Werewolf named Temple has claimed this territory.

Shadow / Hisil


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