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SH02 -- The Ash Cove


xxxxxWhat used to be a scenic route along the shoreline now sits outside of the safety zone, the area now overgrown and not quite as 'scenic' as it used to be. In the distance, the man-made walls of the safety zone can be seen, along with those that stand guard along it in various shifts. The natural flora and fauna of the area has taken over, the yards of the few homes that can be seen in the area overrun by weeds and grass that likely hasn't been cut in the last years or so. What wildlife that's brave enough to spend time in the area can be seen among the overgrowth, although they're all quick to spook and disappear from sight.
xxxxxThe cliffside has crumbled in spots, making for uneasy footing. There are a few paths that lead down to the beach, the sand seeming to encroach further inland, the beaches becoming larger.
xxxxxThe asphalt road has seen better days, torn up and broken in spots, while completely missing in others. Driving along this once popular stretch of shoreline has become a dangerous affair.

Places of Note

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Claimed By

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Shadow / Hisil


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