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SH03 -- The Heathlands


xxxxxThe marshlands were once full of vegetation, but in the last year or so, most of it has died off as saltwater from the ocean flooded the area. The nature preserves that were in the area are mostly swamps now and see very little human activity among them. With this part of Safe Haven well outside of the safe-zone, there's little to keep any who wander safe.
xxxxxRoadways that were once well-defined and used fairly often can hardly be found, most of the ruts in the dirt full of brackish water and littered with fallen tree limbs. There're no buildings in sight, but there are likely some people that have somehow made a go of living out this far, it's just that they're not seen.

Places of Note

  • Fletcher Estate
  • Powell Farm

Claimed By

  • TBA

Shadow / Hisil


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