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SH04 -- North Turner Road


xxxxxEven though this area is just outside of the safe zone, it's patrolled well enough that most feel comfortable in the area. Mostly comprised of farmland, the fields and pastures are tended to by a variety of people. Even during the night, the sounds of people working can be heard. Cattle, sheep, goats and horses are kept in pastures, where high fencing keeps anyone, or anything, unwanted out. Patrols are kept up during both the day and night, most people often found on horseback, while a few will travel in pickup trucks, or some other vehicle that can move easily on the rough roads.
xxxxxThe road that used to lead toward the Northwest Shore is now entirely impassable, the asphalt torn up and the area overgrown with natural flora and fauna. If things become quiet, the distant sound of the ocean can be heard.

Places of Note

  • AWNN Radio
  • The Landace Farm
  • Hillside Graveyad

NPCs of Note

  • Bellamy Mirage

Claimed By

  • Controlled by mage Uriel and his cabal The Effulgent Parable.
  • Controlled by the Adamantine Arrow.
  • Controlled by the Silver Ladder.

Commonly Found in Twilight

  • The Hillside Graveyard has numerous Ghosts moving around the cemetery.
xxxxxIf a specific ghost is needed for roleplay, please contact DeadZone. Thank you.

Shadow / Hisil


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