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SH05 -- South Turner Road


xxxxxThe most noticeable sight in this area is the 'wall' that's been built up to provide safety to the rest of the city. Overturned buses, trailers off of big rig trucks, even cars, have been turned onto their sides to build this wall. It's easily over six feet in height and runs the perimeter of the city where most of the citizens are living now. With having sat for so long, the natural vegetation of the area is starting to take over, creeping vines climbing over the wall, weeds and grass left untended so that they're reaching their maximum height.
xxxxxThe shoreline seems closer than it used to be, the cultivated land that many houses used to sit on giving way to the sandy ground. Small cliff-like areas have the remnants of houses still visible, the foundation the only thing left standing in some cases.
xxxxxWhat homes still stand here haven't seen much in the way of repairs and very few have people living within them. But for this without the means to find a home further into the city, this area can provide much needed shelter.

Places of Note

  • Lost and Found
  • Dilapidated Victorian
  • Small Red House
  • Train Station
  • The Wharf Rat
  • Noodle House
  • Coast Guard Station
  • Harbor Lights Apartments

NPCs of Note

  • Dylan Harmon
  • Jim Goransson (Coast Guard Station)
  • Dean Mossberg (Coast Guard Station)
  • Clint Bachman (Coast Guard Station)
  • Regina James (Coast Guard Station)
  • Lin Huang (Coast Guard Station)

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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