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SH06 -- West Dogwood


xxxxxIndustry has taken over this area, with buildings that once housed medical practices and laboratories taken over by the rest of the city. The ruins of the hospital and its surrounding grounds have been largely left alone. Fallen bricks have been picked over, the ones in decent shape trucked off for new construction elsewhere. An old railway station draws much of the attention now, with a train pulling through several times a day, loading both people and items. The yard surrounding it is usually busy, whether the sun is up or has since set.
xxxxxThe industrial buildings that have taken over see the most activity, with people seeming to work around the clock. The destruction of land has formed new shoreline along this area, prompting docks to have been built, where ships can be seen in the distance.
xxxxxThe largest addition to the area is a dry dock, where ships are repaired before being launched back out into the water.

Places of Note

  • Airport

NPCs of Note

  • Titian Kensington
  • Weasel
  • Dave Carter

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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