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SH07 -- Western Woods


xxxxxThis area is mostly wilderness, located outside of the safe zone, where things have been left to their own devices. The state park can be found here, but rarely sees use these days. The picnic areas and playgrounds have fallen to disrepair, the outbuildings are looking shoddy, but are still locked up so that no one can get inside. Deeper within the park are the campgrounds which are still seeing use, despite not having the protection of the town. Those seeking to form 'communities' have banded together in either RVs or tent cities, keep close to one another in an effort to feel safe.
xxxxxA ravine can be found nestled among the hills, surrounded by trees and overgrown plantlife. Even from a distance, the sounds of a waterfall can be heard, evidence that a fairly deep stream runs through the area.
xxxxxCabins dot the area, set back from the road, private driveways leading onto the properties. Farmland can also be seen, the fields tended to as best they can be, with farm houses in the distance.

Places of Note

  • Country Farmhouse
  • Laurel Creek Hotel
  • Bailey Vineyard
  • Aurbor Reach Center

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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