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SH08 -- Tolstoy


xxxxxThe entertainment district stretches out this far, although most of the clubs, bars and restaurants that are found here are boarded up and no longer used. Still, a handful of them have managed to reopen and gain business at various hours of the day. It's not quite as shiny as it used to be, but every place serves a purpose.
xxxxxApartment complexes take up portions of city blocks, offering up housing that's fairly inexpensive. Where the buildings might have had several vacant apartments in the past, almost all of them are full now, as those living in the town have taken to apartment living, instead of houses.
xxxxxThe once popular movie theater has seen better days, but has managed to re-open. There're no longer new movies, but viewings of shows from years past are offered once or twice a week.

Places of Note

  • Mnemosyne Books
  • Arcade Lofts
  • Old Sanctuary Apartments

NPCs of Note

  • Esther (Old Sanctuary Apartments)

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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