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SH09 -- East Dogwood


xxxxxOnce upon a time, this area was solely dedicated to academic life. But in the last few years, the 40 acres that make up the college grounds have fallen into ruin, much like the rest of the city. Trees and grass are overgrown, with wild plantlife that's slowly started to take over the area again. The once proud Neo-Georgian brick architecture has in disrepair, with only a few of the dozens of buildings still in use. The main building that held most of the classes seems to have been saved and cleaned up, allowing for students to once again attend school when classes are offered.
xxxxxThe shops that lined the street across from the campus are mostly boarded up, except for a coffee shop that seems to draw in both students and teachers and a seedy bar that's opened up across from what used to be the dormitory. Old vendor carts can still be seen littering the sidewalk and to the west are the remains of the hospital.
xxxxxFurther away, the residential district can be seen. Many of the houses have been claimed by people and fixed up, while some still have broken windows and overgrown yards.

Places of Note

NPCs of Note

  • Kyle Hale (Stables)
  • Lindsey Dixon (Public Library)

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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