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SH10 -- Old Parks District


xxxxxIn the distance, the park land spreads out over a fair amount of space. What might have been manicured lawn in areas where people spent a lot of time are now overgrown, with the paths just barely visible these days. The swing sets and children's play area have seen better days and sit lonely in most cases, rarely used. A line of trees extends back, eventually developing into a forest, the thick undergrowth making it difficult to navigate through, making it a favored place for wildlife.
xxxxxIn this area, where the entertainment district brought the most activity and life, things are quieter now. The many clubs that used to have flashing signs and were open late into the night are mostly boarded up, except for a few that struggle along. The old zoo can be seen, with the entrance gated up, the animals that were once housed there rumored to be missing, although those that used to work at the zoo are quick to say they were shipped elsewhere.
xxxxxA few of the buildings in the area are seeing new life, having been fixed up and now open to the public. Streets lead off toward residential areas, where houses were once meant for the upper middle class. The lots the homes were built on are raised, allowing a view of the shore some distance away.
xxxxxPerhaps most noticeable is the expansive cemetery that stretches out for some distance. Someone has taken pains to keep the area from becoming overgrown, perhaps out of respect for those buried there.

Places of Note

  • Haven Medical Center
  • Tin Pan Alley
  • Quality Foods
  • Castle Theater
  • The Drunken Clam

NPCs of Note

  • Ralph Stone
  • Seanna (Haven Medical Center)
  • Leonard (Haven Medical Center)
  • Simon (Haven Medical Center)
  • Dana (Haven Medical Center)
  • Josh (Haven Medical Center)
  • Scott (Haven Medical Center)
  • Abbey (Haven Medical Center)

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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