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SH11 -- Lovecraft Circle


xxxxxEfforts have been made to clean up the area known as Lovecraft Circle, which gets its name from the large, circular village set up in center of four intersecting streets. The grass is overgrown in clumpy patches and the wide brick sidewalks are missing several paving stones, making for uneven walking. What was once a park-like setting has obviously seen better days, much like the rest of the city. The small shops that at one time bustled with activity are mostly boarded up, with a few open and struggling to make it through the day selling their wares. The large gazebos that once served as stages for musicians and poetry readings are mostly in ruins, while a few have managed to stay upright and even have new climbing vines growing up along their sides. The many fountains have long stopped working, the stone cracked. What little water might be in them is dank looking and often occupied by birds, while the once manicured lawns and gardens are now growing wildly.
xxxxxA large part of the effort has been put toward restoring the County Courthouse, which is often a center point of activity during the day. The Southern Plantation style building has seen better days, the white brick and limestone columns looking worn, but still standing proudly over the Circle.
xxxxxTo the north, residential areas can be found, where most of the houses have been abandoned. Still, there's a rare gem that can be found in the form of a house and land that someone has claimed and placed effort into fixing up. These places are usually watched over carefully by the owners, guarded against anyone else trying to take them.
xxxxxThe south leads to where the ferry used to dock before bringing people across to the island. It's suffered wear and tear much like the rest of the area, the docks damaged, yet still in use. It's mostly private boats that can be seen now, with very few commercial ones being found.

Places of Note

  • Upper Crust Bakery
  • Courthouse
  • Municipal Building
  • Maddy's Waffle House
  • Scoops

NPCs of Note

  • Kara Stanley
  • Rabbi Abbey Goldstein (Municipal Building)

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil

xxxxxThe City Spirit


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