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SH12 -- Bay Peninsula


xxxxxJust off of the coast is the inlet that makes up Bay Peninsula. The smaller islands that people used to be able to visit by renting a water taxi have mostly been flooded and destroyed, leaving jagged pieces of rock jutting up from the water. The marina is located here, a section of docks that have been fixed up, allowing for the public to tie up their boats. There are still a few docks that are missing pieces of wood and are largely useless, yet the occasional fisherman can be found casting out a line for their evening meal.
xxxxxThe ferry that runs out to Eastern and Western Outlook docks here, waiting to take people over. There are also smaller water taxis that will take people to the other smaller islands further out in the water, easily rented for a certain price.
xxxxxSpruce Point Lighthouse stands to the north of the Bay, rising up, light flashing in the night to warn people out on the water. While every effort has been made to fix up the lighthouse, it still wears the evidence of what happened over a year ago. The house attached to it has a large crack in the foundation, causing part of one wall to sink down toward the ground, giving it an uneven look. Most of the attention toward renovations has been given to the lighthouse itself. A new coat of paint has even been added and the windows at the top sparkle during the daytime, sunlight reflecting off of them..

Places of Note

  • Spruce Point Lighthouse
  • Old Grennich Marina

Claimed By

Shadow / Hisil



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