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Shepard P. Bryce-Landace

“Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity.”
—Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Shadow Name: Justus
Date of Birth: November 22nd, 1980
Apparent Age: Early-30s
Occupation: Former District Attorney
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Greed

Template: Mage
Family: Bryce-Landace
Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder
Cabal: Pending
Consillium: Mastigos Representative (Councilor)

The Past
xxxxxShepard Landace was not in Aleswich long, having returned was bitter sweet in many ways. Shepard was originally born in Aleswich more than thirty years ago, and left when he was eighteen to pursue his college education and dreams. As the years passed, he lived in New York, Boston, and Augusta primarily. The man has received a rather extensive education - obtaining a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from Harvard University in 2003. He has developed a successful career as a prosecutor over the last decade and a half and first ran for the office of District Attorney is 2011 in the District of Augusta. Shepard was appointed the County Attorney for the District of Dunlin's Reach and had returned to Aleswich and his family to take up the mantle.
The Present
xxxxxShepard arrived in Safe Haven with two others - the night was cold but they managed to survive. A great deal of answers have been answered, but they have only led to many more questions as to how they came to be here. The plan now is to regroup and build a haven within haven to care for this new generation for refugees while they determine how they came to be here, and what that now means.

What is Known

  • Family: Shepard Bryce-Landace is an upstanding member of the Landace Family, he has survived the End - and seeks to restore and rebuild both the Bryce and Landace Families to their previous glory and do all that he can to strengthen the bond between them in these dark times.
  • Affiliation: Amongst those of the enlightened, he is known as Magus Justus, Factotum, Formerly Herald of the Scala Argentum, Famulus of the Vox Draconis, Warlock on the Path of Scourging in the Realm of Pandemonium. Master of Mind and Space. Disciple of Prime, Fate, and Time. Apprentice of Spirit, Death, and Forces. Initiate of Life and Matter." He is believed to have taken at least two apprentices in his years. He was trained by and inducted into the Vox Draconis by a Master known as Shay. He also served and tutored beneath Lictor Hannibal out of Augustus before coming to Aleswich.
  • Ambition: Shepard has always been drawn to government and order, finding ways to repair and restore order will be important to him. Particularly, in finding ways to prevent the supernatural from infiltrating and sabotaging mortal society from thriving and awakening on its own.
  • Order: Justus is a prominent member of the Vox Draconis (Silver Ladder). Famulus in rank. He has been actively working with apprentices, taking on projects, and coordinating efforts proactively within the Order as well as amongst the Awakened Nation. He has negotiated and formed a temporary allegiance with other Shadow Nations, and taken great strides in restoring the Vox Draconis during these disruptions.
  • Secret Societies: Justus holds membership with various secret societies, some of those are:
    • Order of the Black Crow: Helped in the founding and establishment of this secret order of the powerful and most influential members of society, mixed with the studies of the Occult have served as a league of families and supernatural groups. As part of the Inner Council, as the King of Swords - it is his role to oversee Law and Order.
    • Order of the Silver Thorn: Has recently joined the ranks, now aids in operating within this secret capacity to influence and restore where he can.
  • Mage Societies: Justus has organized six groups, serving various purposes to help rebuild/restore and protect the society of Haven as follows:
    • Sustenance Initiative: For those interested in assisting with helping with food - providing, improving, sustaining, developing, advancing the sustentative needs of the people of Haven to attend. This can be through purifying water, agriculture, fishing, hunting, etc.
    • Infrastructure Initiative: For those interested in assisting with helping with heat and shelter - building, rebuilding, repairing, strengthening, forming of physical infrastructure for Haven to attend. This could be building and securing a base of operations, maintaining the barrier that protects, warding, etc.
    • Sanitation Initiative: For those interested in assisting with helping with sanitation - healing, medicine, cleanliness, purging, curing, etc.
    • Communications Initiative: For those interested in assisting with communications to attend - this is as much internal as well as external. Establishing radio towers, wi-fi infrastructure, as well as disseminating information amongst us. Making contact to any other civilization that may exist out there, and restoring what we can of lost lore and knowledge.
    • Innovation Initiative: For those interested in assisting with power and electricity to attend - advancement beyond just sustaining, but improving and innovating, learning and developing from our surroundings. Better understanding the threats beyond the borders, maintaining/improving the power grid, and establishing supernal sources for Mana.
    • The Rangers: For those interested in ranging out beyond the barrier and scouting the threshold of the 30+ mile radius around Haven. This group is meant for martial types, and those individuals capable of holding their own in a very dangerous situation.
  • Logs: Shepard is often in the limelight. Click here for a list of them.

Significant People

The Family:


  • Jeeves - "Your selflessness is commendable - your help is appreciated."
  • Maria - "We had few encounters but I know you will not disappoint."
  • Elizabeth - "The words of a mute, are priceless."
  • Portent - "Your presence will be a great help, it already has been."
  • Quixos - "Fate binds us, even if we do not always see eye to eye old friend."
  • Aaron Fletcher - "Your profession will doubtlessly serve well here."
  • Accla - "We have more steps to take together, but we walk a similar path."
  • Simurgh - "Your abandon is remarkable which leaves your conviction in question."
  • BeerHaul - "Will the volume of your deeds, speak as loudly as your voice?"



I was born a charming man with silver tongue, pearl teeth
This's never how it's 'sposed to end, we're promised all we dreamed
The envy of the Everyman our family seemed complete
Our father was a charming man, our mother a serene
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!


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