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“I believe when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade...
and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party. ”

– Ron White


xxxxxTHEN: It was decided in 2013 that the Kappa Epsilon Gamma fraternity would be expanding a Chapter to ARU in Aleswich, Maine for the 2013/2014 school year and beyond. In reality, due to the troubling tidings coming out of the area and the news that the powerful pack that had held ARU had vanished without a trace, the Proto-Lodge concluded the area could use the help and the prestige garnered would help with their bid to become a recognized Lodge and so it shaved off members of affiliates from campuses around the country and dispatched them to form a new pack in Aleswich after a meeting during Spring Break in Orlando. Skip, an affiliate of the founding Charter of KEG at Baltimore University, was sent to Aleswich to join with his new pack mages to form "The Starting Line" pack -- nominally referring to their role as star athletes who would be leading the university's Lacrosse team, but actually referring to their designated task to be the point of the spear when the Drowned God arose on the solstice. They started arriving as their formal terms ended in late May, and began training as a pack to fight and spread the philosophy of Cho-Cha-Cho to their fellows. The Apocalypse opened up and together and individually they fought the horrors that were unleashed -- Skip, having been a Paramedic in Baltimore for a couple of years while going to school pursuing his Pre-Med program joined the AFD paramedics and was slotted right into the Firefighter probationary program by Tank Dunlin when he saw the skills the young man brought to the table. In addition to responding to disaster calls and rescuing people as part of the AFD, Skip spent much of his off duty hours napping or joining his pack mates to fight the monsters that plagued ARU after other would be defenders dropped a Bean Stalk full of aggressive vegetation and hostile spirits on to the campus to join the already existing plague of undead... waiting for the Drowned God to rise and for them to take their shot at the consort of the Devourer...

xxxxxAND THEN: But the Drowned God never arose -- and to their surprise, the members of the Starting Line survived the Apocalypse. Keeping the campus as their turf the continued to promote the ideals of their Totem and uphold the tenets of their disparate tribes while excelling on the field and in the classrooms. Having survived the Apocalypse as a Paramedic, Skip found himself unwilling moved up the ranks of seniority among the Paramedics and eventually made a full fledged fire fighter. He graduated at the end of the school year Summa Cum Laude -- to the shock of most people, who assumed he was a meat head. With ARU not having a Med School Program, Skip had to commute to and from Medical School Monday through Friday -- leaving gaps in his availability to patrol the pack's turf, but he made up for it with night patrols using his highly developed Parkour skills. The demands of his mortal life and his duties as a werewolf were coming toward a head and it seemed he might have to choose between his lifelong plan of being a Physician or his obligations as a member of a pack...

xxxxxAND THEN: Skip found himself suddenly in a hellish variation of the world he knew -- his connection to his Totem abruptly severed with no explanation. In this world the Drowned God *did* rise and it seems national civilization collapsed with it. Humans are an endangered species, facing possible extinction -- their numbers are low, the numbers of The People are even lower. The Rahu Juggernaut of Destruction or the Brilliant Scientist... which role would be his true destiny? Perhaps the answer was both. After his first encounter with the natives resulted in a massacre of cannibals and a public service announcement left in their camp warning against such behavior, Skip made his was down from the interior until he found Safe Haven in the township sheltering the ruins of Aleswich, ME. Returning to the campus and his KEG house, he found the sister of his Alpha living there -- but no sign of his Totem or his other pack mates... and it was not the sister of *his* Alpha, but the sister of his parallel self's alpha. It seemed he and the rest of the pack was dead. Soon he made contact with other werewolves, all new cubs having just emerged, and finally he connected with Malcolm "Baller" Reynolds III -- *his* version. Discovering there was real firefighters on the volunteer fire brigade, he presented himself to the Community Council and volunteered to train them - insisting when he got them up to speed he wanted to return to his medical studies...

xxxxxNOW It's been half a year since he arrived here. He finds himself still adjusting to the role of Alpha of his pack, his new pack "Hikarnimeda Nasaru" (Night Sky Guards) or more common parlance, Nightwatch. Claiming the entire university district, not just the campus, they adjust to the practice in *this* world to accepting more than just wolves as part of the pack under the companion patronage of their new Totem, Narum a'Litum (Singer of Victory) or in English "Roar of the Crowd". Even though Skip is inclined to be more retiring after the loss of Cho-Cha-Cho, his duties as the Battalion Fire Chief, field medical support for the town watch and a community organizer and leader in the University District aren't respectful of that intent. And now that the grasp of winter has truly broken, the warmth of summer brings more threats out into the open. And the Wolf Must Hunt...

RP Hooks
  • Destroyer - If you stood Skip next to a brick wall, it would be the wall that looks somewhat flimsy. Built like he was a Spartan from the 300, it is not an exaggeration to say between his build and comportment its easy to infer he could be and probably is an engine of destruction. Outside of times of actually showing mercy, such as when giving medical attention, nothing about Skip suggests there is mercy to be found in him. He doesn't radiate menace -- its not that he seems to be looking for a fight -- is more that he seems relieved when one arrives because finally something he can control has presented itself. If observed in action it can be seen that he is an artist, but his art is shattering solid objects like walls... and cars... and people. Do you need something broken? Perhaps Skip is your man.

  • Paramedic - Do you need emergency medical care, or a medic to bring along on a risky endeavor? Do you need to learn some basic first aid? Don't let the smug look fool you, this guy is highly trained and has profound experience in this field.

  • Party Rocker - If you are having a party, Skip may show up. He may seem to be looking for something else while he is there, but, if you get him focused on the actual party, you will find he parties like a Rock Star.

  • University District Resident - Skip resides in the KEG house on the ARU Campus, the base for the Kappa Epsilon Gamma chapter on the fraternity on ARU. He can be observed doing grounds maintenance -- fixing roofs, patching broken windows, mowing lawns and trimming hedges, often in the company of community volunteers of late. If you work or study or live in the university district, you have a good chance of running into Skip, his Firehouse is also found there.

  • Werewolf - Skip is a Rahu of the Bloodtalons. His reputation is primarily tied to his purity. Even a casual consideration will reveal that Skip takes his training seriously, and while he is still developing his techniques and array of skills as a warrior, he is literally at the peak of human fitness and his hand to hand skills are artistic in addition to being pure devastation. It had been said it was better to be hit by a car than by Ur-sag Gú Giri, he literally destroyed walls with his fists and in short order. Since his arrival here a change has fallen upon Skip -- a growing mantle of the Destroyer Wolf, he is marked as a chosen of Fenris and his form if filled with the power and destructive instinct of this First Born.

  • Awesome Abs of Awesomeness - In the Other World, Skip had a Video Blog entitled Awesome Abs of Awesomeness. While it started out as a relatively small, local thing on the Campus in late 2013, but the same time later in 2014 it was a popular enough feature that Skip was earning some YouTube dollars and it was mentioned on local television in the public interests spot, on two different cable fitness channels and of course a regular topic on the "Pete and Badger In the Morning" morning show on FM 102.2 the Deuce. There were rumors that Beach Body, the producers of T-90X and the like had approached Skip about making an entire DVD exercise collection, but as far as anyone knew, this had not happened. It can be said that his addition to the 2013/2014 AFD charity calendar boosted sales very specifically and Lt. "Tank" Dunlin had to chase away Awesome Abs groupies from the fire house on more than one occasion. Many of these groupies were men, and not seemingly into personal fitness. No judgments.

The Important Ones
  • Agatha - I spent a better part of two years engaged in tempestuous trolling and arguing with *my* Agatha, unconsummated foreplay. This world's Agatha, has super powers. And she is a Locus. And she is an actual member of this pack, not just a local support for her brother. She trades for goods with the vounchers I bring home or the game; she farms produce and rabbits, she keeps the tech running. I guess in any world she appears she's still a team manager.

  • Malcolm "Baller" Reynolds III - My brother in Keg, in the Starting Line and now in Night Watch. Where I am a blunt instrument, he is a scalpel. Its easy for our foes to think I am a threat -- they should, and while they are looking at me, they will never see him coming and will be dead before they realize me smashing through the wall was the distraction, not the attack.

  • Zoe Ann Matson - A little younger than the rest of us, Zoe is kind and generous to her community; and she seems to have tamed Baller, which I never really expected to see happen. Ever. No matter how dark the world gets, there is always some light to be found, and she is one of those lights.

  • Narum a' Litum - Our new spirit brother, Roar of the Crowd recently transitioned from Ensihim to Dihim. He is a good ally to have, for he feeds our bodies with power and our morale with hope. While he may appear to be small and even cute, foes find out too late that beneath that cute is an Alpha Predator to rose to its current position by outwitting and eating all the Muthra and Hursihim he was competing with. We will help him claim his brood -- he will help us hold our turf.

Skip5.jpg Skip6.jpg ApocaSkip.jpg

KEG Banner.jpg
Skip "Kool-Aid" McCormick
Date of Birth: May 16, 1992
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Battalion Fire Chief / Combat Medical Support
Virtue: Loyal
Vice: Violent
Blood: The Alpha
Bone: The Hedonist
Physical Touchstone The Fire Department
Spiritual Touchstone The Future Self

Pack: Hikarnirmeda Nasaru
(Night Watch)
Former Pack: Ur-sak Si Hi-nam-nitad
(The Starting Line)
Auspice: Rahu
(Full Moon)
Tribe: Suthar Anzuth
(Blood Talons)
Deed Name: Ur-sag Gú Giri
Day Job: Brigade Fire Chief - SHFD
Fraternity: Kappa Epsilon Gamma

Dropkick Murphys - Irish Drinking Song

We'll drink and drink and drink and drink
and drink and drink and fight,
We'll drink and drink and drink and drink
and drink and drink and fight,
And if I see a pretty girl
I'll sleep with her tonight
We'll drink and drink and drink and drink
and drink and drink and FIGHT!

The Stooges -- Search and Destroy

I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm
I'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb
I am a world's forgotten boy
The one who searches and destroys


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