Sphere Hangouts

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  • Brewed Awakening (SH09 - East Dogwood): This cafe and bakery is the Changeling main sphere hangout. Cardinal is the PC Caretaker who runs the place. It has two studio apartments available for housing, for Changelings only.


  • Baroque Mansion (OL03 - Stoneshade): This property is the Silver Ladder's Chapter House, locally, but has also been opened as a safe place to live or gather for other members of the Awakened nation and their allies. This invitation was extended by Dash to others upon it being reclaimed by the Silver Ladder mages who first arrived here.
  • Mnemosyne Antique Books (SH08 - Tolstoy): This book store has a small gathering area, and often times coffee and tea available. Alexandra is the PC owner of the shop, and her assistant Misty (Retainer) helps her run it. Anyone is welcome, though this is a common place for Mysterium order members to gather and talk.