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Mr. Temple

Template: Werewolf Profession: "Whatever it takes..." DOB: Before the End
Vice: Want to know? Virtue: Find out. Apparent Age: Late 20s

xxxxxThis is a strange kind of predator - soft features like a model might have, but there is something very predatory about him and everything that he does. At first impression, he might even seem kind - but most end up feeling like prey around him after long. When asked about his past, he gives little indication that he recognizes much difference in the world. He has always done whatever he has had to to survive, no matter the implications that came with those actions.


  • Hunter - Temple has a reputation for being a hunter that lives far outside of the safe zone and brings his wares to peddle when he comes to visit. Mostly furs and leathers, though he has been known to get more exotic things when asked.
  • Fence/Fixer - Temple knows a lot of people around haven, and he has been working the area and trading with the locals for some time. He is good at peddling wares, and getting things - if you are not sure where to get something, he is a pretty good person to ask.
  • Criminal - Temple has been known to do shady work, breaking and entering is the least violent of which. Need something stolen, someone hurt, or worse for someone to disappear - he is the kind of man who could make that happen.


The Pack -

  • Looki-Lou - "Watch your steps, each are significant in this dance."
  • Richael - "I'm not keen on your type of 'talking'."
  • Crazy Bow Chick - "Nice shot. Don't do it again."

The People -

  • White Family - "We'll see how long this lasts. Hospitality is a myth."
  • Dag - "Friends. I'll be a good neighbor."
  • Bjorn & Pearl - "Neighbors, traders, friends of friends."
  • Whoever That Guy Was - "Perhaps I am developing a fondness for silent types."
  • Maple - "Handle what I guard with care."
  • Kegger - "Fast. I'll give you that much. Break it, you buy it."

The Rounds -


  • None Yet