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Walls don't fall without effort.
Neal Schusterman - Bruiser


xxxxxTHE WALL encompasses the entirety of Safe Haven Harbor. Or rather everything that is inside the Safe Zone.
xxxxxThe spirits found here are of varying kinds. They function together as almost a type of crime syndicate. The "speaker" of THE WALL is known only as The Guardian. His prior name has been forgotten by most of the spirits surrounding him.
xxxxxThe Guardian acts as the titular head of THE WALL. He will not allow those to pass he believes to be a destructive influence on anything inside of the Safe Zone. Other spirits that are known to speak from time to time are The Crane, Deer and Aces.
xxxxxThe types of spirits that function here range in varieties. Multiple choirs are represented. Wrecked cars, old technology, tractors, construction vehicles, earth elementals and various hybrids therein.
xxxxxBreaking down the wall is extremely difficult as the spirits of THE WALL work together to stay as a functioning and cohesive unit. If one spirit is a little weak from lack of sustenance, then those surrounding it will help hold it in place. Anyone or anything attempting to enter the Safe Zone via Shadow will have to appease the spirits of THE WALL to gain access, and not even that is a guaranteed success.
xxxxxTHE WALL will take your offerings to access the Safe Zone then still deny you your entrance, so dealing with THE WALL must be done with extreme care. If they do not like the way you look, what you carry with you or even how you speak, you will be denied access to the Safe Zone.

Location: SH04, SH05, SH06, SH07, SH09, SH10, SH11, SH12

THE WALL's Spirits

  • The Guardian - The Brood Master of THE WALL, and the "speaker" for the brood. He's a magath that occupies the area surrounding the western gates.
    • The Crane - Once the Crane was a working spirit of industry. He's now a large wreck of a crane within the wall, he resides in the industrial area of Safe Haven.
    • Deer - Deer is a large John Deere tractor with the only letters still visible being Deer. He resides near the docks.
    • Aces - Aces is a magath that occupies the area opposite of The Guardian. While he still works for The Guardian, he manages to keep his side of THE WALL in line.

THE WALL's Brood


xxxxxThere are many spirits that make their home near THE WALL. There are some younger spirits who seek the protection within the Wall, but there are also those that once served the Interstate spirits. Mostly artificial spirits cluster around THE WALL, but on occasion spirits of nature, plants and animals will pay a form of protection fee to THE WALL in the form essence. Those spirits who do not pay to be protected by THE WALL often find themselves outside and without any form of protection at all.




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