The World of Darkness

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The World of Darkness

Safe Haven Harbor is a game set in the World of Darkness, and in the world of this setting there is no one left who is a "plain old mortal". The things that this world has been through, and the experiences that have been had by those who survive here, has left people changed. Every character, except those who are "Supers", is at the least a Sleepwalker. What has been seen and experienced cannot be unknown again, it has left those who survived it changed.

For the purpose of our setting, characters that are Fae-touched, several types of Immortals, Proximus, Sleepwalkers, Thaumaturge, and Wolfblooded characters are considered Mortal+. Some of these types of characters are closely tied to specific spheres and they will be considered part of their associated sphere.

Character Generation

Chargen begins in the Chargen Rooms. Please go all the way through those to set your stats. Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.

Background Questions should be addressed in a simple question/answer format if you prefer to not write a full background.

A job will be auto-created once you have finished. Please read +jhelp myjobs for any commands that aren't clear. Add a comment to the job which shows your XP spends and anything else that you want set on your sheets.

Rules and Systems
  • Equipment: How to get what you want or need, and some clarification on the status of illegal or near illegal items.
  • Approved Flaws: A list of allowed Flaws with page citations.
  • General House Rules: House rules and clarifications of base systems from the general WoD series.
  • Psychic and Thaumaturge House Rules: House Rules for Thaumaturges and Psychics.
  • Merits: A list of general Merits available to everyone and lists of Merits belonging to Mortal+ characters with no game line to call their own.
  • Reliquary: How we handle buying, creating, and modifying Relics.
  • Optional Mechanics: Well, how would you handle this particular diceroll? (A player-maintainable resource.)
OOC Lexicon
  • Supernatural: Anything that fits into the major template of a Changeling, Geist, certain Immortals, Mage, and Werewolf
  • Non-Supernatural: Anything that fits into the minor template of a Fae-Touched, certain Immortals, Psychic, Sleepwalker, Thaumaturge, and Wolfblood.
  • Monster: Any creature that does not fit into a template category on this game that serves as an antagonist.