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New GMC Core House Rules and Clarifications

Character Creation

xxxxxA character may buy up to two additional Merit dots at character creation by taking one or two Flaws. A list of available Flaws may be found here, but note that any Flaw will require the approval of staff, to make sure that it fits the character. These are permanent, but may be bought off if they no longer suit the character concept. Such buy-offs will be arbitrated on a case-by-case basis with sphere staffers. These points gained through flaws cannot be used to increase your character's power stat (Blood Potency, Primal-Urge, Wyrd, Psyche, etc.) above 3 at chargen.

Chargen merits may only be purchased with chargen dots, not with CG XP.

Houseruled Merits

Merit Costs

  • Safe Haven Harbor uses the WoD Corebook rules for merit costs, not Mind's Eye Theatre rules. This is a clarification, not a House Rule.
  • All merits must be paid for as if they were graduated, that is, you must buy every level, even if they are not graduated merits.
    • Example 1: Bob buys Inspiring, a 4-dot merit with no lower-level version. He must pay 20 xp for this (2 + 4 + 6 + 8).
    • Example 2: Mary buys Resources 3. She pays 12 XP for this (2+4+6).

Professional Training

Template:Mush news:Professional training

Professional Contacts

  • Spirits in any form may not be a professional contact

Unseen Sense

Template:Mush news:Unseen sense

  • Unseen Sense is limited to three instances per character. Characters existing prior to this rule have been grandfathered in, until respec or freezing.


Template:Mush news:Fence

New Identity

Template:Mush news:New identity


Mush news:Retainers

Animal Retainers


Template:Mush news:Status

Area of Expertise

Template:Mush news:Area of Expertise

Territorial Familiarity

Template:Mush news:Territorial familiarity

Homebrewed Merits

Blind Fighting

Template:Mush news:Blind fighting

Danger Room

Template:Mush news:Danger Room

Family Status

Template:Mush news:Family status

Kip Up

Template:Mush news:Kip Up

Striking Voice

Template:Mush news:Striking Voice

Trained Shooter

Template:Mush news:Trained shooter

Trained Ambidexterity

Template:Mush news:Trained ambidexterity

Sphere Specific House Rules


Vampire House Rules


Werewolf House Rules


Changeling House Rules


Geist House Rules

Changing Breeds

Changing Breeds House Rules


Mage House Rules


Psychic and Thaumaturge House Rules

Hunter House Rules

Possessed House Rules

Possessed House Rules

Immortal House Rules

Immortal House Rules

Supernatural Resistance

Template:Mush news:Supernatural resistance

Spirit Research Rules

Template:Mush news:Spirit research

Degeneration Rolls

Template:Mush news:Degeneration


Template:Mush news:Numen

Ritual of the Pin

Template:Mush news:Ritual of the pin

Weapons Clarifications

Template:Mush news:Weapons

Fighting Styles


Template:Mush news:Fs-archery

Tooth and Claw

Template:Mush news:Fs-tooth and claw

Light Weapons

Template:Mush news:Fs-light-weapons

Martial Arts

Template:Mush news:Fs-martial-arts

Fighting Styles and Vampires

Template:Mush news:Fs and vampires


Template:Mush news:Relics


Template:Mush news:Respec

Stacking Bonuses

Template:Mush news:Stacking bonuses

Headshots and Damage Upgrades

Template:Mush news:Headshots

XP Donation

Template:Mush news:Xp donation

Stacking Item Types

Template:Mush news:Stacking item types


A character in a grapple may chose not to make the Strength + Brawl roll to participate in the grapple to instead make a another action which can be accomplished while being held by another person.

Athletics for Bows

Per the rules in Armory p. 89, Bows use the Athletics skill, not Firearms. However, per GMC p. 197 and 201, Crossbows use the Firearms skill.