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The majority of land transportation in game world is done on foot, on bicycles, non-motorized scooters or skateboards, or horses. Fuel is an extremely limited resource which means that gas powered cars, trucks and farm machineryare extremely rare. The majority of trucks, buses, hummers and large vehicles have been scrapped with their bodies now serving as one layer of protection to the safe zone, there is a large wall built of these surrounding the city of Safe Haven. Horses have become especially valuable for transportation on land, with a lot of the well-to-do homes that had horses before the EotW events having been scavenged for animals to be used for this purpose as well as breeding stock for increasing the numbers. Fuel is being conserved for important purposes. There were a few electric cars in the area before the end, which are considered particularly valuable.

Transportation by water is largely done by ferries that run between the mainland and the island called Outlook, or by sailboat or small boats by the particularly skilled. There are a scattering of small islands all around the area in the wake of the EotW that people have also been traveling to and staying on, feeling safe while surrounded by the ocean. Large ships are much more rare, because of the fuel required to make most of the large ships prior to the EotW function, and the valuable steel that they were made out of, most have been scavenged.

A few months before the End of the World, the finalization was done of a Light Rail transportation system that connected the main city train hub/station with the various surround hamlets, as well as connecting to the island offshore, to make a fast and reliable transportation system for the region. The rails for this, mostly, still exist. What once connected the island was completely destroyed in the seismic activity that took place as well as by things that arose out of the water, but the railways on land are largely intact. There are questions about how safe they might be to use, outside of the Safe Zone, to regions that aren’t considered safe yet, but there is some consideration being made that some day when expansion is done that these things might be used to help secure more area and keep it safe for the survivors.

It is noteworthy, there is something off about the magnetic poles of the Earth now as well. Compasses are not always reliable and there is no such thing as GPS functioning outside of the safe zone, after all satellites are gone.