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Tyler Isaac Welch
“Came for the convention, stayed to survive it seems."

Tyler Welch is not a native to this area, he was from New York.

His name was well known among law enforcement and military personnel, having their respect he stepped up to help.

  • Date of Birth: 1962
  • Apparent Age: 50s
  • Occupation: Order and Protection
  • Virtue: Courageous
  • Vice: Arrogant





"I've seen a lot of crazy shit in my days, but nothing comes close to the shit that goes went down around here. I don't know that I'd still be alive if I wasn't here when it went down, I might as well do my best to protect this place since it kept me alive, right?"

Points of Note About Tyler:

  • Originally from New York.
  • Spent time in the Navy prior to join to work for NYPD.
  • Joined NYPD in 1984.
  • Was in the area attending a law enforcement convention that was being put on in the area.
  • During the worst time of the EotW he joined with small groups of law enforcement and military who rescued survivors and brought them into the safe zone.
  • Organized protection patrols to established the boundaries of the Safe Zone and to push for the Wall to be built.
  • Frequently pushes for more rescue trips to be made to bring survivors from outside of the area in.
  • Is said to have family that he holds out hope will have survived and might eventually be recovered.
  • Has become good friends with Joshua Landace.
  • It's said Joshua Landace convinced him to step up to the role of community leader.
  • Known to be highly religious.

Dropkick Murphys - John Law

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