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“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

– Sun Tzu

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xxxxxCaleb has advanced greatly while in the Reach within the Arrows, becoming First Talon and Sentinel to the Council. And then he was drawn here... Where everything has changed.

xxxxxCaleb Sullivan is a former US Army Combat Engineer. He served two tours in the Middle East before he and his squad were captured in an ambush. One was lost in the initial attack, one badly wounded. Captain Sullivan and four of the rest of his crew were captured. The issue of how they were rescued has mostly been dismissed in the public eye, as the five men were held until Captain Sullivan himself managed to break free of his confines and, after freeing his men, called for reinforcements. Each of the men that survived were given Purple Hearts and Silver Stars. But shortly after that, Captain Sullivan was released from Active duty. Some say that it is due to mental instability after the tortures of his capture. Others say it was simply due to injury during the captivity.

xxxxxSince then he has gone through extensive rehabilitation for the wounds he received. He has moved around a couple times, most recently spending most of a year in New York City, only to find that he has familial ties to Dunlin's Reach and that he is an adopted out member of the Landace Family. It appears this is why he has moved here, to learn about his family.


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Shadowname: Uriel
Fullname: Caleb Sullivan-Landace
Date of Birth: 01/27/1988
Apparent Age: 26
Virtue: Just
Vice: Cruel
Order: Adamantine Arrows