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I've been mushing for almost half my life, quite seriously. And a gamer of the World of Darkness persuasion since the first editions came out (and multiple other systems before that).

For what it's worth, this is the 4th mu* that I have been involved in opening from the ground up (Previously there was Bloody Roses and 2 incarnations of a game called Wicked Purity.), and I also have a good deal of staffing experience from Ashes to Ashes, Denver: Dark Reckoning (as the Headstaffer - Voodoo), Dark Metal (very briefly), Depraved Creations and The Reach.

I'm one the two people to come up with this idea from the start, we were joined soon enough by a third, and then many others who were interested in making this game a reality. I'm a member of the Headstaff here on SHH, I am also overseeing the Mages and I manage the metaplot.

In personality, I'm pretty direct. I'm very much a person who will speak to you directly if I think there might be an issue, or I might perceive there is an issue and I would like to help. I want people to have fun. I want to participate in cooperative storytelling and world building. Because I tend to be direct, I can come across as cold or short with people it is not intended. If you think that I have been this way with you, you are welcome to ask me about it - or to speak to other members of Headstaff or with Fallout. I would rather resolve issues than let them linger.

For the purpose of transparency on the game, I play Lucy and Agatha.

Things that you can expect from me:

  • I will keep “office hours” set on my +finger and I will adhere to them as closely as I can. These are the times that I am available to chat with players, to answer questions, to do things to generate story & RP happening on the game and help with a variety of other things. I will not generally be doing +jobs during my office hours. (It is incredibly spammy to try to work through +jobs while carrying on chat conversations and things can get lost or overlooked.)

  • I look at jobs during my mornings. That is the time of day for me that is most conducive to me having the quiet time I need in order to read, research if necessary, compose responses and process jobs. That doesn’t mean that I won’t do jobs at other times of the day (quick things, etc.), but the big-focus-needed jobs tend to get done in the morning.

  • I will tell you if I do not know something and need time to look into it. I own nearly every single nWoD book in one form or another. That does not mean that I have read every one of them, or remember everything from all of those that I have read, so please understand that sometimes I won’t know the answer to a question or if something will/won’t work off-hand and will need some time to research it.

  • I will not tell you “No” to something without giving as much of an explanation of why as I can. And when possible I will try to offer an alternative. It is not always possible for me to give a thorough explanation of why I have to say no, but I will make it as thorough as I can.

  • I will encourage you to tell stories! Mushing, to me, has always been about the cooperative storytelling experience. Every person on this game is storytelling – even if the only contribution made is to tell the story of their specific PC within the scene they choose to participate in, that is contributing to the game’s story. This story becomes richer and more complete the more people that are contributing to it. Staff on this game has provided the framework of the story, and some of us are providing a direction for metaplot, but players are what fills in the story and what you, the player, put into the game is what it will become.

  • I will tell stories! I will schedule a minimum of 3 +events a month that are plot pushing stories. (Some months there will be more, as my RL time allows.) These will be scheduled as +events, so please check those regularly. One of these events might be a meeting or social scene to just provide a reason for people to gather and RP. The other events will be specifically a “Staff Run Plot” that might pertain to the metaplot of the game, there may be open (not sphere specific) plots for anyone to jump into – this will likely be the most-often case, or there may be mage-sphere specific plots.