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Application Process for Forsaken Werewolves

Character Creation for Forsaken Werewolves on SHH follows the guidelines set out in the World of Darkness main rulebook, plus the rules from the Werewolf: the Forsaken book.

First, go through CG as a Mortal. Then make sure you reserve Merit Points from the 10 you receive to buy CG only or Sphere-Specific Merits. In the final room, set your Template to Werewolf or WolfBlooded. When you exit Chargen, a job will be created. Please put your Template into that job along with your initial XP spend if you have one coming.

You will need to set a +note containing at least 3 Aspirations, and a Background section that has your answers to the Breaking Point questions. Having these set will speed up the CG process. The Breaking Point questions are found on the actual Sphere pages, generally under or near the Application Process file.

Guidelines for Werewolf and Wolf-Blooded template characters are as follows.

Choose Auspice

Auspice is 'gifted' by Mother Luna at the time of an Uratha's First Change. It defines an Uratha's role in society. The five Auspices are as follows. Werewolves receive a free specialty in any one of their Auspice skills they have at least one dot in, in addition to the three specialties that all characters receive at creation.

  • Rahu (Full Moon) are determined, aggressive, and warlike. Their specialty skills are Brawl, Intimidation, and Survival. Primary Renown is Purity.
  • Cahalith (Gibbous Moon) are passionate, thoughtful, and expressive. Their specialty skills are Crafts, Expression, and Persuasion. Primary Renown is Glory.
  • Elodoth (Half Moon) are discerning, observant, and even-tempered. Their specialty skills are Empathy, Investigation, and Politics. Primary Renown is Honor.
  • Ithaeur (Crescent Moon) are contemplative, foresightful, and spiritual. Their specialty skills are Animal Ken, Medicine, and Occult. Primary Renown is Wisdom.
  • Irraka (New Moon) are inquisitive, contrary, and resourceful. Their specialty skills are Larceny, Stealth, and Subterfuge. Primary Renown is Cunning.

Choose Tribe

The below will be true when the MUSH begins allowing apping of characters who have been around a while in the SHH universe. At this time werewolves are Transferring from TR. Currently new wolves created as Reality Natives will be starting at Primal Urge 1 and with Tribe set to Ghost Wolves. Reality Natives may not begin play as part of a Lodge at this time.

Tribe is chosen by the Uratha at the time they become a full member of Uratha society, or else the Tribe chooses which cubs they want to have join them. An initiation ritual is required to officially join a tribe. The five Forsaken Tribes are as follows, as well as Ghost Wolves.

  • Blood Talons are warriors, defenders, and champions. Primary Renown is Glory.
  • Bone Shadows are shamans, wise men and women, and seers. Primary Renown is Wisdom.
  • Hunters in Darkness are stalkers, assassins, and guardians. Primary Renown is Purity.
  • Iron Masters are innovators, progressives, and improvisers. Primary Renown is Cunning. Because SHH is a setting without any large cities, this Tribe is more rare.
  • Storm Lords are commanders, aristocracy, and alphas. Primary Renown is Honor.
  • Ghost Wolves are loners, outcasts, and independents, or young wolves who have not yet selected a Tribe. Ghost Wolves do not have Primary Renown.

Choose Gifts

All Werewolves may choose from the Father Wolf or Mother Luna lists (the common Gift lists). Forsaken Werewolves choose one Gift each from their Auspice and Tribe lists, and one of your choice from other lists. Ghost Wolves choose one from their Auspice, one from the common lists, and one of their choice. Your highest-dot Gift cannot exceed the rating of your Primary Renown. You cannot choose a Gift from the Auspice-specific list of an Auspice other than your own. You may choose to trade your free-choice Gift dot for a dot in Rituals, which grants one free-dot rite from the lists on pp. 147-152 of the Werewolf: the Forsaken main book. Gift Lists affiliated with Auspice and Tribe are as follows:

Blood Talons Inspiration, Rage, Strength
Bone Shadows Death, Insight, Warding
Hunters in Darkness Elemental, Nature, Stealth
Iron Masters Knowledge, Shaping, Technology
Storm Lords Dominance, Evasion, Weather

Irraka Evasion, New Moon, Stealth
Ithaeur Crescent Moon, Elemental, Shaping
Rahu Dominance, Full Moon, Strength
Cahalith Gibbous Moon, Inspiration, Knowledge
Elodoth Half Moon, Insight, Warding

Primal Urge

Primal Urge for new Werewolves is 1. Essence pool is 10 and Essence per turn is 1. A character starts with Essence in their pool equal to their Harmony.


Werewolves begin with a Harmony (Integrity) of 7. Please see below for the Werewolf base breaking points and breaking point questions.

Renown For Forsaken

Renown dictates the level of Gifts to which you have access and indicates social status within werewolf society. Assign one dot to each primary Renown based on your character's auspice and tribe, and a third dot to a Renown of your choice. Note that a Ghost Wolf receives Renown for auspice, but not for tribe.


Application Process for Pure Werewolves

Character Creation for Pure Werewolves on SHH follows the guidelines set out in the World of Darkness main rulebook, plus the rules from 'The Pure' book.

Pure have no auspices, and they don’t have a similar equivalent. They lack the auspice Ability, free dot of Renown and free Specialty provided by an auspice.

Choose Tribe For Pure

  • Predator Kings Primitive monsters, they follow Dire Wolf in the Bloody Hunt, hoping to reclaim the paradise of Pangaea. Primary Renown is Glory.
  • Fire-Touched Spiritual leaders, they follow Rabid Wolf, fueled by fanatical hatred of the Forsaken and a desire to purge them from the face of the Earth with fire. Primary Renown is Wisdom.
  • Ivory Claws Cold and calculating killers, they follow Silver Wolf and seek purity above all other things. Primary Renown is Honor.

Gifts for Pure

A Pure werewolf begins play with two Gifts: one from a list derived from tribal affinity and one “free pick.” The “free pick” may be used to purchase a dot of Rituals as usual.

Predator Kings Nature, Rage, Savagery and Strength
Fire-Touched Disease, Fervor, Insight and Inspiration
Ivory Claws Agony, Dominance, Scourging and Warding

Primal Urge For Pure

Primal Urge for new Werewolves is 1. Essence pool is 10 and Essence per turn is 1. A character starts with Essence in their pool equal to their Harmony.

Renown For Pure

In addition to the dot of Renown granted from tribal affinity, all Pure tribes have affinity with Purity Renown. A Pure character fresh from initiation would have one dot in Purity, one dot in the Renown granted by tribe and one dot in the Renown category of her choice.

Merits and Advantages for Pure

  • Upon joining a pack, each Pure character gains one additional Merit dot to be spent on the Totem Merit; this represents the more powerful totems that call on the Pure’s service. In effect, each Pure pack totem has a number of “free” points available to it equal to the number of werewolves in its pack.

Base Breaking Points For Werewolves

  • Killing another Werewolf
  • Entering Kuruth
  • Failing to hunt at least once a week
  • Staying in one form for too long (Over a week without changing forms)
  • Eating the flesh of a sentient creature

Werewolf Breaking point questions: Please answer these in a Background Section

• What is the worst thing your character has ever done?
• What is the worst thing your character can imagine himself doing?
• What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing?
• What is the most frightening thing for your character about being a werewolf?
• What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to the character?


Wolfblooded is now a Template. There is no merit to reflect it in WtF 2.0. You gain your perks through Tells. You also get the Sleepwalker merit for free.