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The Pure in Safe Haven Harbor

There are Pure in the Safe Zone and around the area in Safe Haven harbor, and they generally have more important things to do then acting like nutcases and flailing around in a combat-laden manner.

They are trying to stay alive. Just like everyone else.

The devastation of the Hisil hit them hard. They lost allies. They lost Totem spirits. In the material world, they lost lives and land and long-held territory. They are as in shock as the Forsaken are, and many of them mourn their losses as they try to rebuild something that resembles a functional society, both on the mortal level as as werewolves.

There are too few werewolves left in the world to risk losing any over ideology. Too few Wolfblooded left. This is a time of hasty treaties and non-aggression pacts, and of joint efforts to fight off incursions of monstrous things and to tentatively map and explore the new and not so improved Hisil.

It's a brave new world. Now to see if it can be survived.

Pure Characters must be Reality Natives, and must be approved by were-staff before character creation.