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With the release of the 2.0 book, there are now new and updated rules for creating a Totem! These rules can be found on pp 91-92

Step One: Name and Concept

  • Create a concept for your totem. What is it, what does it embody, etc.
  • Create a name for your totem. It should be kept on the shorter side. If you have the book, look at some examples on pp 74-75

Step Two: Aspiration and Ban

  • Choose an Aspiration for your Totem like you would for your character. This is considered a fourth Aspiration for each pack member.
  • Choose a Ban that is appropriate to its rank.
    • Rank 1: Mild and easily triggered, but don't endanger the spirit.
    • Rank 2 & 3: Moderate and curtail activities in a way more significant than a simple distraction. Monthly requirements.
    • Rank 4 & 5: Complicated bans that will halt whatever the creature is trying to do, often in an explosive fashion. Esoteric requirements, but severe consequences.
    • If a pack member violates the Totem's ban, they will suffer the Ban Condition. If they violate it again, the pack member loses their dots in the Totem merit.

Step Three: Determine Totem Points

  • Determine how many points you're willing to buy as a pack.
  • Remember that Wolfblooded can only have ONE point of Totem.

Step Four: Determine Advantage

  • Total number of Totem points determines the benefit that each pack member has regardless of whether they have the Totem merit or not. This includes Wolfblooded pack members.
  • Pack members buy benefits (Attributes, Skills, Specialties, or Merits) with Experiences, where Experiences are allocated based on the number of Totem points.
    • Experiences are spent with the cost of the benefit being raised. IE: Attributes are 4, Merits are 1, etc.
    • 1 to 8 Totem Points: One Experiences
    • 9 to 14 Totem Points: Three Experiences
    • 15 to 20 Totem Points: Five Experiences
    • 21+ Totem Points: Ten Experiences
  • If the character already has the Merit, or the maximum allowed level, choose another relevant trait of the same value.
  • If the character already has the Specialty, they get the Area of Expertise merit relating to that Specialty.
  • If the character has the maximum allowed for Skills or Attributes, the dot awarded can take Werewolves and Wolfblooded above their normal limits.

Step Five: Determine Totem Traits

  • For each Totem point, the totem receives one Attribute dot.
    • The totem must have at least one dot in each Attribute, and no more than half the total Attribute points can go into a single Attribute.
    • Rank is determined by Attributes.
    • 5 to 8 dots: Rank 1 (Hursih), Max 5 dots for traits, Max 10 Essence, 1-3 Numina
    • 9 to 14 dots: Rank 2 (Hursah), Max 7 dots for traits, Max 15 Essence, 3-5 Numina
    • 15 to 25 dots: Rank 3 (Ensih), Max 9 dots for traits, Max 20 Essence, 5-7 Numina
    • 26 to 35 dots: Rank 4 (Ensah), Max 12 dots for traits, Max 25 Essence, 7-9 Numina
    • 36 to 45 dots: Rank 5 (Dihir), Max 15 dots for traits, Max 50 Essence, 9-11 Numina
  • Essence is determined by the total number of Totem points, or maximum Essence for its rank.
  • All totems start with one Numen. Every 4 points grants an additional Numen.


Attributes Power:



Traits Corpus: <Resistance + Size>

Willpower: <Resistance + Finesse, to a max of 10>

Initiative: <Finesse + Resistance>

Defense: <Lower of Power or Finesse, except for rank 1, which uses higher>

Speed: <Power + Finesse + 'species' factor>

Size: <Dependent on spirit; if uncertain, use rank>

Language: Spirit/First Tongue

Ban: <As indicated above>