Werewolf: The Forsaken

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Everyone knew that what was once Dunlin’s Point was claimed by the Pure. The entire city of Aleswich was once surrounded by them. Inside the city, the Forsaken ruled the ground. They had a stalemate of sorts only because one side needed the other to keep the stronger spirits at bay. After the EotW event, this collapsed. Everything collapsed. All the Pure were gone, and all the Forsaken were gone, dead or disappeared. (Note to self: Figure out state of Shadow and Loci). Packs around the world were scattered on both sides. Elders vanished, and new ones have yet to be named. The history-long war between the Pure and the Forsaken has to be put on hold so that the two can work together for a much more important goal: Survival.

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Werewolf - Forsaken Characters are allowed. Pure characters are allowed with staff approval.