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Master XP Chart
This page aims at including every XP cost in the game, whether or not we use the material in question. If it's italicized, that means it's not available for PCs.
Be aware, you cannot have more than your PC's Intelligence+1 of XP spends submitted/being learned at the same once.
Trait XP Cost
Attribute 4 Per Dot
Skill 2 Per Dot
Skill Specialty 1 Experience
Merit 1 Per Dot
Integrity 3 Per Dot
Willpower Replacement 1 Per Dot
Power Stat 5 Per Dot
Affinity Contract 3 Per Dot
Non-Affinity Contract 4 Per Dot
Wyrd 5 Per Dot
Goblin Contracts 2 Per Dot
Token Limb 2 Per Dot
Clarity Raise 2 per Dot
Manifestation 4
Key 2
Ceremonies[1] 4 per dot
Ceremony (Mentored) [1] 1
Ceremony (Self-Taught) [1] 2
Trait XP Cost
Mage [2]
Ruling Arcanum 3 Per Dot
Common Arcanum 4 Per Dot
Inferior Arcanum 5 Per Dot
Rote [3] 1 Per Dot
Chi 5
Siddhi 3
Numen 2
First Favored Shadow Gift 3
First Non-Favored Shadow Gift 5
Other Facets of Shadow Gifts 2 Per Facet
Wolf Gift Facets 1 Per Facet
Renown 3 Per Dot
Rite 1 Per Dot
Totem Merit 1 Per Dot
Primal Urge 5 Per Dot
Improving Familiars
Traits, Twilight 4 Per Dot
Traits, Embodied 2 Per Dot
Skills, Embodied 1 Per Dot
Specialty, Embodied 1 Experience
Numina 2 Per Dot
NOTE: See Familiars wiki page.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The Sin-Eater gets a free Ceremony of a level equal to the level bought in this stat. They may then buy other ceremonies at any level they have access to via this stat at the costs below.
  2. There are a number of Mage traits that require Arcane XP. Please see Arcane XP for clarifications.
  3. Rote dots are calculated by highest Arcanum dot required for the spell.