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This is a guide for submitting XP Spends. Please follow the instructions below in order to preserve the sanity of our XP Staffers. They reserve the right to ask any incorrectly submitted jobs to be resubmitted with the correct information.

If you have any questions about any of this, you can talk to a member of staff. Thank you!

Step 1: What kind of request is it?

XP Spends have their own special job type. Use the following code to submit a spend:

  • +req/xp (Job Title)=(Information)

Step 2: What should the title be?

For ease of keeping track, please title your job as follows:

  • (Yourname) - XP Spends

Step 3: How do I add a spend?

Please use the following format for the body of your job:

Name: What you're buying (This should include what the stat was, in the case of raises)
Cost: Base cost and modifiers
Due: When the spend will be ready to process

Justification: If you're including one

Code: Code needed for the spend (See next section for more information)

Example 1

Bob the Builder wants to raise Crafts to 2 with justification. It is May 1st now. The text for his spend should look like this:

Name: Crafts 1>2
Cost: 2xp - 1 (Justification) = 1xp
Due: May 15th

Justification: Bob is ashamed of not living up to his name. He's been working on projects for the community - helping to repair homes and make sure they're connected to the utilities properly. So far he's helped at least three people get their homes in better shape.

sheet/set Bob/Skill=Crafts:2
+xp/spend Bob=1:Crafts 1>2 w/justification

Example 2

Mary the Midwife wants to raise her Intelligence to 4 without justification. The text for her spend should look like this:

Name: Intelligence 3>4
Cost: 4xp
Due: Instant

sheet/set Mary/Attribute=Intelligence:4
+xp/spend Mary=4:Intelligence 3>4

Regarding the Code

Almost everything follows the same format for addition to your +sheet. You need to specify what section it goes into, the stat name, level, and any additional information. Note that a power stat is added in a different way. If you're not sure what's correct, someone on Staff should be able to help you.

Some examples:

  • sheet/set Yogi/Specialty=Larceny:Picnic Baskets
  • sheet/set Brain/Merit=Area of Expertise:1/Intimidation - World Domination
  • sheet/set DoctorStrange/Gnosis=4

As you can see above, entries for the xp log all follow the same format. The main difference is specifying it is justified when there is a cost reduction.

Helpful Links

  • XP Chart - For the base cost of what you're trying to purchase.
  • Learning Times - For how long it takes you to learn a new trait, or the Cooldown between purchases. (Also the frequency for some traits.)
  • Arcane XP - For what spends require Arcane XP for Mages.
  • Rotes - Specific rules for Mage Rotes.