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"Immortality is not a gift, immortality is an achievement.
And only those who strive mightily shall possess it."

xxxxxxxxxx- Edgar Lee Masters

The Sphere

xxxxxThe Immortal sphere is one of diversity. We have the potential here for a lot of great story and character development. We will try to include everyone to the best of our ability, but much like the rest of the game the overarching story here is of survival & of recovery and continuation from the brink of no longer existing.
xxxxxWith this in mind, we love to get feedback from players and listen to what they want or would like to see. So if you have something you would like to do, or see done, please let staff know.

Available Templates

If it's not on this list, please don't ask. The answer is no.

  • Purified: Perfect body and spirit into their most idealized forms.
  • Eternals: Stave off death by storing your mortality within a work of art.
  • Patchwork People: Immortality via a clockwork heart and replacement of body parts as they wear out.
  • Reborn: An endless cycle of reincarnation, with a collective knowledge from each life.
  • Visitors: "Alien" parasites that infest their human host's brain.
  • Wardens: Caretakers of the land, bonded to a specific place.
Rules & Systems
Character Generation
  • The Immortal sphere is currently Open.
  • Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.
  • Please see Immortal Applications for specific information regarding the Immortal sphere.
  • Current XP Incentives:
    • Having a wiki with RP hooks - 0.2xp (May be claimed after Chargen)
    • Group application - 0.2xp (Chargen only)
Active Player Characters


Patchwork People