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xxxxxHere at SHH, we use a system of log templates and dynamically-propagating lists to store and make accessible logs of people's RP. The log list template for your character page can be found at Template:RP Logs, and the template for making new logs can be found at Template:Log.

xxxxxSee current logs at Category:RP Logs

xxxxxIf you are looking for a way to easily clean out OOC, channels and other stuff from your log file before posting, this link will help: http://logcleaner.aresmush.com/

xxxxxTo create a new log, simply type your name into the box after "Logs:". Don't delete that first bit; if you do, the log won't show up on anybody's pages. <inputbox> type=create preload=Template:Log/Preload editintro=Template:Log/Advice width=40 default=Logs:Scene name here buttonlabel=Create a new log align=left break=no </inputbox>

Possible Categories for Logs: Adamantine Arrow, Becoming, Changeling, Crime, Consilium, (Family - use the name of the family in question), General, Guardians of the Veil, Hedge, Hospital,Immortal, Mage, Mage Metaplot, Metaplot, Mortal, Mortal+, Mysterium, NSFW, PC Death, PrP, Purified, Shadow, Social, Underworld, Werewolf, Werewolf Metaplot.

xxxxxPlease tag logs according to participants, not sphere focus. If someone is marked as a Changeling on their wiki, please tag the log with Changeling. You don't need to type 'Changeling log,' as that will muck up the categories. Just use a comma-separated list: changeling, mage, PrP.

xxxxxPlease do not add categories for logs if they don't exist. Categories are for set groups - Orders, Courts, Spheres - or concepts - Hedge, Underworld, Waffles, etc. If you'd like all of your plot logs to link to a plot page, there's code on the plot page to do that. Please don't add log categories for packs, cabals, bands, clutches, amarants, plots, or anything else without asking wikistaff first.

Plot Pages

xxxxxUse the form below to get a generic page you can use to pre-fill for onging plot pages.

<inputbox> type=create preload=Template:Plot_Page/Preload editintro=Template:PlotPage/Advice width=40 default=Plot:Plot Name Here buttonlabel=Create a plot page! align=left break=no </inputbox>